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No New Covid 19 Cases

Churchend School

Usk Road, Tilehurst, Reading, RG30 4HP
Tel: 0118 937 5450, Fax: 0118 937 5452

Principal: Mr Richard Pearse B.Ed. MCCT                             20/11/20

Dear Parents/ Carers

We have arrived here on Friday afternoon without having to close a bubble due to a positive corona virus case. This is good news and a great relief to our staff who are working hard to keep the children happy and on track with their learning. Our safety procedures and bubble system have managed to prevent further spread of the virus and contain it to two isolated cases in 2 bubbles. Our members of staff who contracted the virus are recovering rapidly and are rearing to be back at the end of their isolation period.

Despite the safety restrictions, we are trying to keep school as normal as possible for the children. Last week year 3 celebrated Diwali and the children dressed up in their beautiful celebration clothing. Year 6 visited the Tilehurst War Memorial and also had their Ufton Court Outreach day at Ufton Court. Earlier in the term year 4 had a Viking day, year 3 lived like Romans at Silchester and Reception went on a long walk to the park but did not come across any bears. Next month Christmas excitement starts. You will hear about how we intend to celebrate soon. Unfortunately, there will be no mass productions but we will include class activities, Christmas lunch in class bubbles and Christmas parties.

At the moment we are conducting our pupil progress reviews and it is very pleasing to see that the children are developing a good work ethic and making progress with their learning. We use three measures in key stage one and key stage two:

  • WTS- working towards age related expectations. This is a score below 100 on the standardised scale
  • EXS- meeting age related expectations of the year group. This score on the standardised scale is from 100 to 114.
  • GDS- working at greater depth for age related expectations. On the standardised scale this score can be anything from 115 or 120 up, depending on the test threshold.

Most of the conversations around improvement with the children focus on their individual targets and not these scores as the concept of standardised score is very abstract for many children.  To support the learning at school it is important that the children practise their reading, spelling and maths (counting, x tables, number bonds) daily as these concepts need repition to ensure retention and success in learning.

Have a restful weekend and stay safe

Richard Pearse