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News Letter

Principal: Mr Richard Pearse B.Ed. MCCT                                      24 June 2021

Dear Parents

We have 19 school days remaining with still much to do. The children are currently completing their end of year assessments and West Berkshire LA are conducting our external writing moderations for year 2 and year 6.


We have the following taking place:

  • Year 6 are now likely to have their Final Assembly and Production after the 19th July as we are hoping we may be able to have parents in to watch in a socially distanced manner if all goes well with the announcement on the 19th by the PM. At the moment the Local Authority have asked us to postpone these events until then as we are not permitted to have large groups of parents in. We will keep the year 6 parents updated.
  • Reports should be completed and sent via email on the 16th July.
  • Transition Day where the children meet their new teachers will take place on the 8th July. Note this has changed from the 1st. Children and parents will only be informed who their teacher is on this day. Transition PowerPoints will be added to class pages for children to view after the 8th.
  • We are holding the Athletics Sports Day during the classes allocated PE lessons throughout the week of the 5th July. Unfortunately, the guidance from Reading LA prevents us from allowing groups of parents to spectate. 
  • Over the next few weeks, we have classes out on their educational visits, almost a group every day. These are designed around curriculum enrichment, except for year 6 who will be having a day of fun after 7 years hard work.

RBC Notice re Covid

We have had the following message from Reading Borough:

 We recognise that wider society has opened up and some parents will already be experiencing visits to restaurants and pubs, meeting informally with groups of friends outdoors and a range of other activities allowed under the current guidance.

However, as you may have seen in the news, the more transmissible SARS-CoV-2 variant Delta (formerly “India”) has overtaken "Alpha" (formerly “Kent”) to become the dominant form of COVID-19 both nationally and locally.  In Reading, there has been a significant increase in COVID outbreaks in educational settings over the past month, mostly caused by the Delta variant, and we are now starting to see more significant and increasing numbers of pupils and staff having to self-isolate. It has therefore become necessary to review the assumptions that the previous advice was based on.


Reading Borough Council believes that it is the responsibility for the whole school and setting community to protect our pupils, staff and communities from transmission of the virus. School outbreaks, driven by this more infectious variant, are leading to significant lost nursery/school time for a large number of children and young people. Even a single case in a school or early years setting can result in:

  • lost education,
  • lost opportunities for children to enjoy particular events scheduled in the summer term,
  • a potential impact on children’s wellbeing and experiences, and
  • longer term and wider impacts on school and setting staff and children and all their families after the end of term.

This is particularly an issue for children scheduled to transition to a new setting / school in September. We believe we must all do our utmost to ensure that these final weeks of this academic year continue to be as safe as possible for all pupils and staff alike so as to minimise the potential for them to have to self-isolate and miss key events at school and in the holidays.

This has forced us to put the “breaks on” opening up the school to greater parent involvement until guidance changes.

They have also stated:

General matters -


  • any planned relaxation of current in-school precautions should be delayed, until after the next roadmap step,
  • bubbles should be maintained and kept as small as is practical,
  • the whole school community should be reminded of the importance of practicing the principles of ‘hands, face, space, fresh air’ whenever possible,
  • anyone who is eligible for COVID-19 vaccination but has not yet taken up the offer, or who has not taken up their second dose when invited, should be encouraged to do so ASAP,
  • immediate self-isolation by the entire household when any person in the house develops possible COVID-19 symptoms or gets a positive LFD result.

If you have any queries about your events please contact Corporate Health & Safety. 


The irony of 60 000 at Wembley and the fact that we can do school trips is noted but we follow the guidance to keep everyone safe.


School Places

The school is full for next year but we are prepared to go 1 or 2 over Published Admission Numbers in KS 2 because last year we had children leave us during the summer holidays and we were left with classes that had spaces. If you have friends who are looking for a school space in KS 2 they should contact the office before the waiting list is full.


Wrap Around Care

We know that more parents are going back to the office in July and September and so we will begin scaling up the Before and After School Care to take on more numbers of children. NS Sport will also be conducting their Summer Holiday Camps including on the INSET days in September.

Drop Off

Please keep to the times for the class start as the stagger system helps reduce numbers and keep us all safe. Parents must hand over their children at the door if they are in Reception to Year 4. Please do not let them come in on their own. We continue to work hard on our safety procedures. Residents of USK Road and surrounding roads have asked us to be sensitive to their need to be able to get their cars out. Please do not park anyone in.


Mr Seymour, the new Headteacher is now attending transition days at school on Wednesdays and we are working closely together to ensure we have an excellent handover of responsibilities. Mr Seymour has been outside at gate duty on some Wednesdays and you will be able to recognise him as he is the only other man in a suit other than me. Please make him feel welcome.

This week has seen our best attendance numbers yet with 407 children in R-Y6 out of 413. Long may it last.

Keep safe

Richard Pearse