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Churchend School

Usk Road, Tilehurst, Reading, RG30 4HP
Tel: 0118 937 5450

Principal: Mr Richard Pearse B.Ed. MCCT

Dear Parents

Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend and may the sunshine down on you.

We completed the term with an inspection from the Brighter Futures for Children team (Reading LA). They looked at reading and Geography specifically, observed teaching and learning, spoke to children, looked at books, interrogated teachers and subject leaders. They were very complimentary about the children’s learning, work ethic and enthusiasm to learn. They also spoke glowingly about the wonderful staff team. “Well done staff!” They did also find areas for us to work on and we embrace the opportunity to improve and grow. They emphasised the need for us to read to the children as often as possible. We do have a big drive on for reading at the moment and these holidays the library will be re fitted to make it a better place so that children are drawn into the environment. There will be further fundraising initiatives to support the library.

Next term the children will be busy completing their final writing assessments for moderation. The normal maths and reading comprehension tests take place to ascertain the progress the children have made. Pupil reports have been started and will go out to parents on the Friday the 16th July. To ensure focus towards learning we will be raising expectations in all areas: uniform, behaviour consistency, work ethic etc.  Please ensure your children wear the correct school PE kit on their PE day and not football kit. We will also inspect uniform, shoes hair etc. It is fantastic to see how many children scoot or ride bikes to school. However, they must dismount when on the property and push their bikes/ scooters. With the crowds this is for safety. Please remind your children because if I have to remind them too many times I then am forced ban their bike from the premises.

Next term will also see the transition day for the next class/ year (possibly the 1st July), educational visits for many classes and sports day. Teachers have been appointed to year groups and we are now looking at how the classes will be mixed and balanced within year groups. We are waiting on government guidance to decide how we can structure our transition morning and sports day. If we are not able to break class bubbles then we will hold sports day over several days. At the moment we are still required to have staggered starts and keep our class bubbles separate. A lot will depend on the government announcement on the 21st June.

Keep safe

Richard Pearse