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Dear Parents and Carers

The school is moving towards normality, although like our summer this is not happening quickly. We are still following stringent government guidance that keeps us separate and socially distanced. However, this week we had our first teacher- led sports clubs and cello music lessons for year 3 (These clubs are free for KS 2 children). We look forward to the day when we can drop face masks, have our wonderful volunteers back in school and pop the class bubbles to allow our normal school day to function. We are following the government road map/guidance and so will be reintroducing normality when permitted. We will keep you informed.

From Tuesday 4th May we are closing all entrance gates to the school premises except for the large main gate in Usk Road during 8:40- 9:05 and 14:50-15:20. We have a number of children who are posing a flight risk and to keep everyone safe we have had to review our safety procedures. The entrance and exit will be marked in paint to ensure people are safely distanced when moving through the gates at this time. The small path gate is open at all other times for Breakfast and After School Clubs. All pick up and drop off procedures will remain the same.

I have added links of information on the risks of the internet and how to keep children safe. Along with the increased use of the internet over this pandemic, we have seen an increase in online abuse and an increase in online bullying. Please be aware and keep your children safe by being proactive. They are targeting children of a much younger age nowdays.  

As mentioned cricket and rounder’s sports clubs for KS 2 are now taking place on Monday 15:15- 16:15. Participating children may attend school in their PE kit to avoid extra clothing being brought to school. Children are still welcome to sign up. Please contact

Have a fantastic Bank Holiday weekend and hopefully some sunshine.

Kind regards

Richard Pearse