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Limited Year Group Return 01.06.20

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Head Teacher: Mr Richard Pearse BAEd MCCT


A Primary Academy



21st  May 2020


Dear parents


Currently the possible return to school date is the 1st June for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 children. We await the government’s final decision on the 28th May. However, we have already implemented plans to accommodate those children whose parents have indicated their attendance by replying to the email dated the 15th May 2020. Your response has enabled us to prepare classrooms to ensure there are no more than 15 children per class. I must make it clear that children cannot turn up unannounced as special measures have been taken to prepare adequate social distance space in classrooms.


The government’s guidance states that parents will not be penalised for their children’s non-attendance at this stage. These children will also continue to receive home learning support via the internet/email and we will try to match this, where possible, to the learning delivered in class.


The children who have attended school as Key Worker’s children throughout the lockdown will continue to be taught at school even if they are not in the N, R, Year 1 or Year 6 groups.


Children in Years 2-5 will continue to receive home learning activities via email, class pages and the internet. School will not be open for these year groups until further notice from the government. There have been suggestions this could happen by the end of June.


For our children, staff and parents returning on the 1st June, school will be very different. The focus will be on minimising the risk of infection and keeping everybody safe.


We have marked out a one way drop off system and will have staggered drop off times for each year group. Parents will be restricted to one adult dropping off and collecting. No parents will be able to enter the school building. Only one person at a time will be able to enter the foyer at the admin block.


Pupils will be put into small class groups with designated zones, which we refer to as “Bubbles”. Each “Bubble” will be restricted to a zone that they are taught in and will similarly have a specific zone that is their outdoor space in order to reduce any mixing of groups. Fortunately, we have a lot of outdoor space for the children to in which to play and be taught.


Classrooms have desks spaced out, all soft toys and furnishings have been removed. Children will have individual equipment packs for learning. We have increased the amount of hand washing provision in class and have infecftion control stations throughout the key areas. There will also be an increase in the cleaning of areas and items used frequently by children and adults.


School dinners will be provided as packed lunches to enable children to eat in their classroom bubble or eat outside as a picnic. Classes, individuals and staff will not be moving between bubbles to avoid any risk of spreading infection.


We have quarantine rooms for children who may display symptoms after arriving at school, where they can wait until they are collected. They will be accompanied by staff who will be wearing PPE.


A full explanation, maps and detailed plan will be emailed to the parents of Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 children on the 28th May.  






All staff at Churchend are aware that school will be a very different experience for our pupils when we return. We want to support our children to understand how to protect themselves and stay safe, developing practices and understanding that will stay with them, not just in school but at home and in the wider world. We also understand that some children may be worried or fearful and we will need to provide reassurance and give them emotional support to build confidence and reduce anxiety about the current situation as much as possible.


The whole staff team look forward to welcoming back our pupils and families when it is safe to do so.


Kind regards


Richard Pearse


Head Teacher

Churchend Primary Academy Trust


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