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Happy Weekend and Christmas Dinner in two weeks time.

Dear Parents and Carers


These days it is satisfying to get to Friday Afternoon and not mention the " Covid " word. today we had 36 children absent. Our lowest number absent this week has been 22 out of 444. There is a cold virus also doing the rounds. Last week the leopard class had the best attendence with 0 days lost and no lates. Well done leopards. Attendence is key to ensure learning takes place and this week we met with our Education welfare Officer to decide action for those who show persistent absence.


The children have been working very hard and it has been pleasing to see that they are making excellent progress in their writing books. This week and next we have our termly assessments to monitor their progress in maths and reading comprehension. Most children have shown good progress within lessons. 


Christmas trees and decorations are up in classrooms. 

Christmas Dinner will be held on Wednesday the 16th December. Please book your child's dinner. Class parties will be on Thursday the 17th. Party food will be limited to every child bringing their own lunch box. Children may do Christmas cards. These will be quarantined and should be limited to within the class bubble only.


It is becoming colder but we are keeping the higher windows open in school to maintain ventilation. Please send your children to school with warm clothing and they will be able to wrap up warmly indoors/ in classrooms.


Enjoy the first weekend out of lockdown and stay safe.


Richard Pearse