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Guidance for schools on how best to combat bullying

Obviously bullying is something that concerns children,their parents and all those that work in schools.
The Government has issued guidance for teachers,headteachers and school governors to help them understand their responsibilities and offer guidance on what to do to prevent and address bullying in school.

  If your child feels that they may be being bullied, there are a number of things that they should do:
  • They can discuss the problem with you and you can raise it either with your child's teacher or with the Headteacher 
  • They can speak directly to their teacher or to Mrs Dethridge or to any other adult that works in school who they feel comfortable talking to. .
  • They can leave a message in the 'Bully Box' outside Mrs Dethridge's office. She looks in this box regularly and can pick up any issues that need to be investigated.
  • They can e-mail me directly at
We encourage children to always let us know if something is happening that makes them feel upset or worried. If we know about it, we can deal with it.
If you have any worries or your child is concerned, please do let us know.