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Easter Holidays

Dear Parents

I am writing to wish you all a happy Easter and to enjoy the anticipated sunshine and warm, dry weather we have had predicted.  I have shared a video on the School Facebook that my son sent me nn dealing with isolation. Ross Edgley,  who swam around Britain wrote a book that  is called The Art of Resilience. It delivers some very basic strategies on controlling the “controllables” at times like these. His videos are well worth the watch without these exceptional circumstances.

School is going to close for the holidays, including the online learning. We will be encouraging our staff to take a complete break from the screens as the last two weeks have enveloped us in the online, digital world. We also anticipate that schools will continue to be closed and operate remotely for a while after the Easter break and so there will be more screen time than ever before.

We would like to encourage children also to take a break at this time. Make the most of the one exercise a day with your family by visiting the local woods and parks, which are within walking distance of our school. The blue bells are starting to show and this is a beautiful time to visit these areas. For those who have gardens, this is a good time to start a garden project. This is also a great opportunity to encourage independent play and creativity.

Schoolwork will be sent out online on the 20th April 2020 for the next fortnightly cycle.

Keep well

Richard Pearse