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We are very committed to ensuring that our children remain 'e-safe' and that they are protected from accessing any inappropriate materials.In addition to this, we regularly educate the children about what to do if they receive any messages or materials that are inappropriate or upsetting. This week we will be holding E-Safety assemblies for children to raise awareness not only of the potential dangers, but what to do if they receive inappropriate materials. The assembly will also address issues of cyber bullying.For parents, we hold an annual training session. Last year this was done during the evening. To support your understanding of E-Safety and the potential risks for your child, we have put together some useful internet links for you to look at. We hope you find this helpful. The Government has issued advice for Headteachers, teachers and Governors. I attach this advice for your information.

Links and Resources
UK Safer Internet Centre:
Internet Watch Foundation:
UKCCIS – UK Council for Child Internet Safety:
National Curriculum Programmes of Study for computing: