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Mrs Scott's Garden

The children had a mammoth walk this Wednesday. We walked over 5km from our school to Linear park. Although it was hard work, it was great for building up their stamina and they all did it! We were very proud of them. smiley

We had a lovely picnic together when we arrived and then the children got to play in the park. In groups, we went to Mrs Scott's garden through a forest and along the way we spotted lots of painted stones. They were decorated with flowers, rainbows, faces, cars and other lovely patterns.

When we arrived at Mrs Scott's garden, we were overwhelmed by the amount of plants she had fitted into her garden, and what unusual plants they were!

She had a Japanese cucumber and an Australian Fern as well as lots of plants we recognised. We saw how she was growing plants in guttering on her fence, strawberries in her garden wall and had big tubs for her tomato, courgette and cucumber plants.

There were lots of sensory plants to smell -lavender, rosemary and mint, that we rubbed in our fingers and tried to guess what it was.

On the way back we each collected on of the painted stones that a kind lady had put there for us to remember our day. Some of us saw a ladybird nymph and a female stag beetle.

What a busy day but so much learning and so much fun!

Japanese Cucumber - SPIKY

Australian Fern

Stag beetle and Ladybird nymph

Painted stones