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Mr Brigham's Garden

We went to see Mr Brigham in his garden. He showed us all the tools he uses and explained how to use them safely. Then he showed us how he uses them in the garden.


We had a look around and saw all the things growing. There is an apple tree and a pear tree. Mr Brigham is growing potatoes and rhubarb. There are beans and peas growing. Mr Brigham has some scarecrows to keep hungry birds away! We saw lots of little plants in pots in the polytunnel. There is also a stone owl that hoots to scare away animals.


We had lots of fun finding out about the plants growing. Thank you Mr Brigham! 

Picture 1 Mr Brigham and his tools
Picture 2 We asked some questions
Picture 3 Big fork little fork!
Picture 4 a rake
Picture 5 a spray
Picture 6 a watering can
Picture 7 Mr Brigham uses a wheelbarrow to carry his tools
Picture 8 The lawnmower was noisy!
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11 Looking at the scarecrow
Picture 12 We found some potatoes growing
Picture 13 a pear tree
Picture 14 Look at the rhubarb!