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This week in maths, Year 4 Wolves have been improving their ability to read, write and compare both 4 and 5-digit numbers, thinking carefully about the value of each of the digits and how best to work with these numbers.


Taking advantage of the sunshine, we took our lesson outside and, using giant chalks and the playground as our pens and paper, we attempted to demonstrate our knowledge of these concepts.


The Wolves came up with their own success criteria and ideas on how they would best show these:

Success Criteria:

  • read and write 5-digit numbers (place value grids)
  • understand what each digit represents in a 5-digit number (place value grids)
  • compare 5-digit numbers using greater than and less than symbols (number sentences)
  • + and - 1000 from a given 5-digit number (number lines)



Place Value in 4-digit Numbers, as demonstrated by Year 4 Wolves

Properties of Geometric Shapes


Year 4 have been working hard looking at geometric shapes and increasing their knowledge. Over the course of the week we have worked with angles, how to recognise them and where they are found, parallel and perpendicular lines as well as lines of symmetry.


In this session, the children were given a range of shapes to sort in their groups. They were given no specific way to sort them, not given properties to look identify. All the ideas and creativity came from them and the results were excellent.

Sorting shapes using a Venn Diagram

Creating Geometric Shapes with specific properties

SMARTIE Maths - Data Handling creating tally and bar charts