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Leaf Rainbows and Bugs with Year 1

Year 1 visited the woods at Rushall farm for the day to look at the effects of Autumn and count bugs.

In our bug count we compared the number of species found on the floor bed, under rocks and logs with the number of species found in higher areas - on leaves and trees. We discussed the possible reasons for why there were more bugs on the ground as oppose to higher up and came to the conclusion that the animals were better sheltered and safer from predators and the harsh weather. We also predicted how summer and spring may affect the animals' location - weather less harsh, lots of food available etc.

We were also amazed by the amount of spiders that were up high on trees rather than below; coming to the conclusion that they are more able to catch their prey that way using cobwebs.
Finally we searched for various leaf types using leave identification charts and ordered them into piles. We also ordered them by colour showing the effect of Autumn - from green, to yellows, to browns and then to blacks. Again we made predictions of the effect of spring and summer on leaf colour.