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KS2 Spelling

Welcome to the KS2 Spelling Page


Key Stage 2 children will continue working with their own class teacher for their weekly spelling lesson. This is to enable spellings to be more embedded in our class work, with increased opportunities for children to actively learn and apply new words in school. Supporting your child in learning their weekly words at home will continue to be really important. 

Below you will find the spelling lists for your child's class, grouped by term.  Our spelling teaching and tests reflect the expectations of the National Curriculum. You may download or print these lists for your use at home.  If your child forgets to bring home the weekly spellings, you will be able to easily access it from this site.

Spelling lessons are held weekly - children will be tested on their previous week's spelling at the beginning of the lesson.  Please ensure that your child practises before the test each week.  It would help if you ask your child to make up sentences containing the spelling words, check if there are any rules which relate to the spelling and make sure your child knows the meaning of each of the words.  Support from home will benefit your child greatly, so we thank you for any help you can give to ensure that your child becomes an independent speller.