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ICT Whizz Kids!

We have been learning lots in our ICT lessons this term.
We go to the computer suite every week to use the computers. We use the smartboard and visualiser in our classroom and we use the tablets to help us with our learning.

We have found out about different parts of a computer. We have used the mouse to click and drag items on the screen. We have used headphones and sound buttons to listen to different sound effects. We have played games on the computer to help us find different keys on the keyboard. We have been using the tablets in class to help us find out about hospitals and keeping healthy. We have learnt how to control the tablets using the touch screen.
This term we have used Dazzle, a drawing programme to create lovely colourful pictures. We used a family maker programme to create a picture of a family portrait. We used a memaker programme to create a self-portrait. We have also used the internet to explore different games on our school news programme, Espresso.

Our favourite App for the tablet is Dr. Panda's Hospital. You can treat all the patients and make sure they are comfortable in their hospital rooms. It's great fun!

We really are ICT whizz kids!