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I have a dream...

We have been learning about Black History Month. This is a time in the year when we recognise and celebrate the achievements and contributions of black men and women to our society.


We found out about Martin Luther King Jr. who lived in America about 60 years ago. He was a black preacher who did not agree with the laws at the time. There were different rules for black and white people and they were not allowed in the same places like restaurants and hotels. Black children were not allowed to go to school with white children. Martin Luther King Jr. believed all people were equal and should be judged by the person they are not the colour of their skin.


He led peaceful protests and marches around the United States speaking to crowds of people and spreading the message that black people should be treated fairly and equally. One of his most famous speeches is known as the "I have a dream..." speech. This is where he described what he thought a better world for all people would be like. We talked about our ideas and dreams for how the world can be a better place.