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Great Britain - Our World

We have been learning about Great Britain this week. We enjoyed using Google Earth to find out where we live. We found Great Britain in the North of Planet Earth. We then found England to the South of Great Britain and Reading in the South of England.  Our school was West of Reading. We recorded these all on our own maps. We found out about the weather in Great Britain and the flags for England, Scotland and Wales. We had a chance to make food from each of these countries. cones with jam and cream is a traditional English food so we had a go at making them. We measured out and mixed the ingredients together before rolling and cutting the scone using a cutter. Once they were cooked, we spread jam and cream on them.
Then we made Scottish porridge. We made by adding a spoonful of oats each and adding milk. We saw how the heat made the oats soak up the milk and become thicker. We all tried a bit of the porridge with many of us asking for more. We made Welsh rarebit, grating the cheese and discovering how bread and cheese change with heat. Bread got crispier but the cheese melted. It was very yummy.