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Frequently asked questions

 What should I do if I have any worries about my child at school?
       The most important thing to do is to tell us! In the first instance have a word with the class               teacher but if you are still not satisfied make an appointment to see the headteacher who will

be very happy to see you and talk about your concerns. At Churchend we work extremely hard to ma     make sure the children feel secure and happy at school and so it is important to let us to              know if there is anything that's wearing your child or you as a parent so that we can fix it.                Please do not think that any problem is trivial. If it's important enough to worry your child or you then it most certainly isn't trivial.


       What do I do if my child tells me they have no friends to play with at school?         
        When children first start school there may be occasions when they say there is nobody for              them to play with. This can cause a huge amount of anxiety for parents. If your child does

 report that they have nobody to play with, please report this to the class teacher in the first     instance or make an appointment to see the headteacher. Such things are usually very     

   easily resolved and teachers and teaching assistants as well as lunchtime carers will always

keep a special eye on children if concerns are raised about whether they have other children

to play with or not.


Can my child go to the toilet whenever they want to during the school day?
When children first start in a nursery or reception class, of course they can go to the toilet whenever they need to. As they move further up the school, it is expected that typically they

can wait until a playtime or lunchtime. However, we understand that little children can't

always regulate such things and as long as they put their hands up and ask, they are always allowed to go to the toilet when they need to.


What happens if I am not happy about the school uniform or hairstyle rules?
Before children start at Churchend, most parents will tour the school, meet the headteacher

    and take a prospectus away with them. During the school tour, the headteacher always talks

about the importance of uniform and what the school expects in terms of hairstyles. This information is also clearly presented in the school prospectus. When parents choose

Churchend for their children, it is on the understanding that they have read and listens to

the expectations regarding school uniform and hairstyling, and that they support these.
   Parents can bring up any concerns with the headteacher and if still not happy, they can refer

         the matter to the governing body. The judgement of the governing body on such matters is final.


 How long should children be spending on their homework?


It varies.  It depends on the age and the type of work to be done.  Spread over a few nights

in short sharp sessions should keep the child's interest high rather than several hours in one night or leaving it to the last minute. Guidance from the government ( states: 

Years 1 and 2: one hour per week
Years 3 and 4: 1.5 hours per week
Years 5 and 6: 30 minutes per day

Please speak to your child's teacher for further guidance. 


How will I know if my child is doing well at school?

The simple answer is to stay in touch with the class teacher!  At drop-off and pick-up, via notes, organised meetings, homework diaries, attending parents evenings and open days.  The teachers regularly assess progress both with testing and less formal assessment, such as observations and day-to-day marking. If the child's teacher, in collaboration with colleagues, feels that extra support is required, they will inform you.


I d    I do not understand the Reading stages. How do the children progress?


Churchend, along with many other schools, 'band' reading books into colours which represent National Curriculum Levels, not stages.  This ensures that children's reading 'diet' is not dominated by one scheme or genre (e.g. stories, Information Books).  As the children progress with their reading level, they move through the coloured bands.
Chilren’s reading ability is regularly assessed and teachers will decide ,based on those assessments, whether children are ready to progress to more challenging texts.


       What is expected of me regarding the reading records?

To encourage children to have a 'love' of reading, it is vital we all show an interest in their progress.  A positive stimulus for the child is to know that the teacher and parent are in regular contact and are working in partnership to support them.   In terms of recording, a signature to show you have heard your child read would be ideal but also any comments of praise, identified areas of development or simply recording how they read are of great help.


        Safer Internet: How can I protect my child when using new technology?


Guidance is provided by CEOPS (Child Exploitation and Online Protection).  
If you or your child are worried about any inappropriate contacts made online - via mobiles , handheld games or home computers, the attached documents and links will help answer your concerns or speak to a member of the Computing team at Churchend. 

If you have an immediate concern - Report it on this link:

Other useful websites include:


How can I support my child at school?
You can support your child atChurchend by making sure that they are ready to come to school every day having had a good night sleep and some breakfast. Please also make sure they have all the equipment they may need and that they have completed any homework given to them. This is particularly important.
Attendance and punctuality are absolutely crucial to children being successful at school. Please make sure your child is always at school in good time before the start of the day and that they attend regularly.
It is also important that your child makes friends at school and to support this, you could perhaps invite a couple of children home for tea one afternoon.
We are always delighted if parents can find some time (not necessarily regularly) to come to school and support children there. If you do have any spare time and would like to be a volunteer helper, please see the school office for details.
It's also helpful if parents make sure they are informed about what is going on at school. Regular newsletters, text messages and the school website offer lots of information about what is happening each week and term. Please make a note of these so that your child is prepared for any event or change in the timetable and if they are required to bring anything into school or be prepared for a special day (non-uniform for example) nothing is a surprise to them and they do not feel left out.


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