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Farm to Fork trail at Tesco

We were very lucky to go on the Farm to Fork Trail at Tesco in Portman Road. We had so much fun! We visited the Bakery, to learn all the different stages for making bread. We looked at the ingredients they use to make bread and all the machines they use to make and cook it. We got to make our own chocolate bears feet. We felt the squidgy dough and rolled it into a big ball and three smaller ones. We put them together in the shape of a foot and they were cooked for us to take home. Yummy! In the meantime, we visited the fish counter and looked at the different types of fish there are. Using gloves, we got to feel their scales and touch the different parts of the body. After that we had to collect some different cheeses for tasting and a whole rainbow of fruits and vegetables that we had to search for. We managed to find all the colours and them took them for tasting too. We had a brilliant time and received a certificate for all our hard work!