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Hunger Games - Spring Term

In English this term our topic is The Hunger Games - a novel written by Suzanne Collins. In today's lesson, we used drama to explore the role of the reporters in the opening ceremony and their astonishment at District 12's costumes. 

World War I poetry

Year 6 have been learning about different poets who wrote works based on WWI. They looked at a variety of different examples including Dulce et Decorum Est. They then planned and wrote their own poems using a range of poetic devices. They also had the opportunity to read them out to the rest of the year group.

Sergeant Speeches

Year 6 have been busy writing their own speeches based on the Sergeant's speech from Private Peaceful. They used a range of persuasive devices to persuade men to join the army. They considered the reasons why they should join and then performed their final drafts to the rest of the class.