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Designated safeguarding officer

At Churchend, we recognise our legal and ethical duty to promote the well-being of pupils at our school, protect them from harm, and take appropriate action where we have concerns. We understand that we have a primary responsibility for the care, welfare and safety of the pupils in our charge, and we will carry out this duty through our teaching and learning, extra-curricular activities, pastoral care and extended school activities.


At Churchend, we aim to adopt an open and accepting attitude towards children as part of our responsibility for their pastoral care. We hope that parents and children will feel free to talk about any concerns and will see school as a safe place if there are any difficulties at home.


If you have any concerns about a child or would like some advice or support please speak to the Designated Officer, Mr Richard Pearse (Head Teacher) or one of the deputy Designated Officers, Mrs Helen Clark (Deputy Head - Inclusion) or Mrs Debbie Allen (Deputy Head Teacher).