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Counting rhymes

We have been practising our counting with some number rhymes.


We learnt 1, 2 buckle my shoe and counted objects up to 10, We then matched our objects to the numerals 1- 10.

We dug in the sand for characters from the rhymes we have been singing. We found speckled frogs, fish, ducks, bees and aliens! We counted carefully to see if we had found more or less characters than our friends.


We learnt 1 potato, 2 potato and used it to count forwards and backwards to 10. We made some Mr and Mrs Potatoheads and did some printing with real potatoes.


We learnt 10 in the bed and acted out the rhyme with dolls from the dolls house. We had to count and check how many were left in the bed after they kept on falling out!