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Our Very Own Leonardo Da Vincis Mural Painting

Our Viking Settlements

As part of our Vikings topic, Year 4 have been evaluating different areas that would be suitable for a Viking settlement. Having assessed the pros and cons of each location, we decided our best option would be an area with flat ground, for ease of building, close to a river, for fresh water for drinking, cooking and washing, near a forest for an ample supply of firewood and building material, and finally ideally situated behind a mountain range to offer protection from attack.


The children are currently in the progress of building their own Viking settlements that tick all the success criteria boxes we discussed during our learning.

Our wonderfully crafted Viking Rune stones

In Year 4 we have been studying the Vicious Vikings; looking at their culture, key events in their historical past and the way in which they lived. The children in both Bee and Wolf classes have designed and made their own Rune Stones, thinking carefully about how to write their names in the Futhark alphabet and how best to decorate them.

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