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Combined Studies

Sea shanty music unit

Year 5 learnt all about sea shanties for their topic on The Coast. They learnt the history, listened to different versions and composed their own. They then used different instruments to accompany them and performed them at the open afternoon. They did a fantastic job and did themselves proud!

Grumpy Pirate Sea Shanty

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Year 5 have started to learn about erosion as part of their 'Coast' topic. They learnt about what erosion was through diagrams and videos. They then carried out their own experiment. They had to predict which materials would withstand most erosion and which would erode the quickest. They are now going to investigate the impact of it on coastal communities.

Greek Mezze

At the start of the Summer Term, Year 5 hosted a fantastic Greek Mezze afternoon. They researched their own recipes, designed menus and prepared all of the food themselves. They were very creative with their presentation of the dishes and they tasted brilliant! They also showed off lots of their work on their Ancient Greece topic, including their Greek pots, amulets and theatre masks.

Tudor Houses

For 3 weeks, at the end of their topic on The Tudors, Year 5 have been creating Tudor houses. They have used a range of skills to create them. They started by accurately measuring their pieces of wood, sawing carefully, assembling the frames using PVA glue, using a net template to create the room and decorating their houses, looking at designs of real Tudor houses. It took them a long time and required a lot of care, patience and hard work, however the results are fantastic.

Sewing - The Tudor Rose

The children learnt about what the Tudor Rose represents at the start of their Tudor Topic. During the last couple of lessons, they have been sewing a pattern of The Tudor Rose. They had to very carefully thread the needle, follow the pattern and make sure they didn't knot it. It was a tough task but they achieved some excellent results.

South Africa

During the first half term, Year 5 learnt all about South Africa. The topic started with learning about the Ndebele tribe and their famous type of art. The children painted their own Ndebele patterns using bright, vibrant colours and geometric patterns. We also learnt all about Apartheid and how that affected the people of South Africa. We finished off the topic by studying Nelson Mandela and learning all about his life and his legacy. Some of the class spoke about Nelson Mandela in our assembly for Black History Month.