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Combined studies

Spring 2018 Rainforest box 3D art



We are enjoying our Rainforests topic and have already used our senses to discover more about what the environment is like there. We located rainforest areas on a world map and have used drama to communicate our ideas about why rainforests are always hot and rainy. Than you for all the cereal boxes you have sent in - we have been looking at the paintings of Henri Rousseau and are now creating our own rainforest box environment inspired by his work.


Making Mosaics

We compared examples of Roman mosaics to find clues about how the Romans lived. Then we designed our own mosaic, looking carefully at the colours and patterns the Romans used. We used tiny stone tiles to make our mosaics. They look fantastic!

Designing Roman legionary shields

We are getting ready for learning about how the lives of Roman boys and girls were very different by designing and making a Roman legionary shield. Next week we will be trying out some army training drills, using our shields, as well as having a go at the kind of daily tasks Roman girls would have done. It will be interesting to see who the children decide had the easier life in Roman times, girls or boys...

13th October

Roman girls and boys - who would we rather be?


This afternoon, Jaguar and Shark legions tried out some activities that would have been done by both girls and boys in Roman times. Centurion Roscoe took the children through their paces, practising army drills such as the 'testudo' and the 'wedge', using their fantastic shields. Inside we had a go at tasks that Roman girls may have done, like laying the table, folding washing and sewing. Both classes concluded that it was easier, and more fun, to be a Roman girl!


Ufton Court - Celts and Romans workshop     20 October


The children had a fantastic time today, finding out how the Celts lived and what happened when the Romans finally managed to invade us! We tried out weaving, spinning, created Celtic tattoos, investigated artefacts and re-enacted the battle between Boudicca's tribe and the Romans.

Our Roman Feast - Friday 10th November


Thank you for coming to our Roman Feast day! The children had a fantastic time designing then making their Roman dishes, which included stuffed snails, a peacock with biscuit feathers and parrot biscuits. Luckily no-one displayed any typical Roman table manners at the event, although the children were keen to inform everybody that burping loudly was not only accepted but a sign of appreciation!