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Combined Studies

Growth Topic - Summer 2018


With Year 6 soon to leave Churchend, the children will be completing the Growth topic in combined studies. This topic includes a range of activities to develop further skills that will be beneficial to them in the future. The class will complete an Enterprise project to learn about running a business and in doing so raise money to invest in to books as a leaving gift.  Furthermore, the children will be conducting independent research, in to Ancient Egypt, and improving their communication skills, through interactions with customers, presenting their own research and ultimately performing the Year 6 to parent and other local schools.

Independent Research - Ancient Egyptians

Private Peaceful - Narrative Study


As historians we will be studying the Edwardian era 1901 – 1918 including the causes and outbreak of World War One. We will investigate various aspects of this era and discuss how World War One changed Britain forever. We will discuss the effects which the war had on the British population. We will learn about trench warfare and the terrible conditions which young men had to endure during this time. We will investigate the use of persuasion to recruit young men to fight in the war.

Identifying the Edwardian Period in history - 8th Sept 2017

Comparing Edwardian Lifestyles - 13th Sept 2017

Creating a watercolour with depth of Iddesleigh (in Private Peaceful) - 1st November 2017