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Summer Term Edition

HAVE A NICE SUMMER!!! From the school newspaper club.

Churchend Holiday/Sports club

Churchend has competed in three different cricket tournaments in the last two weeks. Please see the link below.
We started this term by looking at our school values. This term our value is positive actions.

Top tips on how to show positive Actions

We’re working on positive actions this term. Here are some top tips on how to show positive actions.

  • Hold doors open for a teacher.
  • Make a school values poster.
  • To practise a song you’re learning in class about the school values.
  • Use your manner or table manners.
  • Help somebody when they fall over.
  • Let other people play with you.
  • Always listen when another person is speaking.
  • Don’t bully people.
  • Don’t say negative things to people.
  • Always pay attention to the teacher

Interview with Mr Pearse by Eshan and Paarth

Still image for this video

Zak and Aaron singing Get back up again and worlds greatest

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This is the lyrics of "Don't stop me now" and this is another song we're learning in singing assembly

This document is the lyrics of "Get Back Up Again" which we're learning in singing assembly and it's a positive song.

Spring Term Edition

Cross Country at Bradfield College

On the 8th March, Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 went to a cross country competition at Bradfield College.

The players were

Jarese, Cadan, Amari, Alex, Cassie, Ashleigh, Vinay, Harry, Tiffany, Junior, Gia , Jade, Daisy, Natalie, Amy, Jamari, Hayden.


What it was like

It started like this…

We all lined up in rows of different schools. On our run, we experienced things like mud pools, grassy areas and rocky paths. On the run we saw people getting stuck in mud with their trainers falling off and them having to hop around! After we all completed the circuit, we all received bronze medals with blue string. Also the organisers gave us all a cup of hot chocolate. And it was all lovely to experience.


By Gia and Aaron

Holi is an ancient Hindu religious festival which has become popular with non-Hindus in many parts of South Asia, as well as people of other communities outside Asia. In recent years the festival has spread to parts of Europe and North America as a spring celebration of love, frolic, and colours.

The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships.

The Holi festival has a cultural significance among various Hindu traditions of the Indian subcontinent. It is the festive day to end and rid oneself of past errors, to end conflicts by meeting others, a day to forget and forgive. People pay or forgive debts, as well as deal a new with those in their lives. Holi also marks the start of spring, for many the start of the new year, an occasion for people to enjoy the changing seasons and make new friends.

Holi week

Holi week was on the 7th of March and people celebrated it by throwing colours (and water to get them clean) in the air and getting messy by the colours. On the 8th of March, Reception did an assembly of Holi week and they had some volunteers to help to tell the story about Prahlad and his father the evil king. So the evil king wanted to be prayed by the whole of India. The evil King’s son was called Prahlad (that wasn’t like his father at all). One day, the evil King asked Prahlad “Who do you worship?” and Prahlad said “I worship Lord Vishnu”. His father was furious, so he tried to get rid of him. “GUARDS! Come and take Prahlad away now!”


On Thursday 2nd March 2017 it was the 20th anniversary of World Book Day! Some people fancy dressing up as their favourite character from a book, whereas some people prefer to simply visit a library and discover new books. Some schools give book tokens to their students so that they can happily buy a book at a reduced price of £1.

World book day at Churchend

On world book day, reception went to Waterstones to get a book for free. Key stage1 did some activities on a book. We all did a bounce on a huge bouncy castle to raise money for new books for the new library and the classrooms. The children also swapped books (if they brought them in from home). Year 1 swapped books with the other year 1 class and did the same activities as each other. Unfortunately, the whole school didn’t dress up because we had too many dress up celebrations.

Year 2 and 3/4 and 5/6 Football Tournament before half-term

Our 5/6 football team went to an away football tournament to All Saints Primary School and lost 2 of their matches and scored one goal in all of their matches and the Year 3/4 was won match 5-1 with our Star Player Freddie from Year 3 and with for the first time in forever a Year 2 football team went to play a football match against All Saint Primary School and had an incredible win of 12-0.


On Thursday 9th February, Year 2 went to St Mary’s and All Saints, with an 8 player squad Aston, Maeson, Hayden, Aiden, Harvey, Yashy, Artin and Ethan. Their Coach was Miss Pickford and she felt extremely proud of how fantastically such a young group of children played. Their best moments were when the team worked exceptionally well and played and worked as a team. Miss Pickford said: We took such a young year group to give them a chance to play competitive sports and experience a lovely opportunity at such a young age.


Our captain was Junior, our coach was Mr Ward, and our Goalie was Jasveer our defenders were: Eshan, Mohammed and Jamari and our midfielders were: Hayden, Junior and Safan and our strikers were: Sky and Freddie. Our team was really successful with a win and only one goal conceded.


Our Year 5/6 team did their best and tried their hardest and did exceptionally well in all their matches. Their team’s coach was Mr Trayling and he coached them really well.

Congrats to the people who went

Report written by Eshan Jain and Aaron Anil.

Natural History and V&A Museum

On the 31st of January, Year 5/6 RT and NA went to the Natural History and V&A ( Victoria and Albert) Museum. On a coach, we were going to them. We, at first, were going to the V&A Museum we arrived at 10:53 to have lunch and look at the still life art it had to offer. After we had our lunch we headed across the road to the Natural History Museum to investigate all about dinosaurs and what caused their death.

The Natural History Museum

As we entered the historic hall, the Natural History Museum, light twinkled in the pupil’s eyes. The wonders brought joy into their hearts. In front of the students eyes lay an approximately 15m tall escalator going through an enormous sphere which has with the earth zone above it. Although the class were eager to explore, they were split into groups to wander around the building. First up, we went to the blue zone, which is more commonly known as the dinosaur and mammals section. There the students looked at skulls and Daniel and Sid looked at a special sabre-toothed tiger skull and were able to hold it. When that had finished we looked at the moving t-rex. Once it was done, we finished the school trip and headed back on the coach.

V&A Museum

We entered the V&A full of excitement and intrigue. Our cause for such an educational trip was that our combined studies topic was about Still life art. The museum was full of interesting antique sculptures. After looking at the sculptures, we ventured to the Still life Art category. The portraits were intricate and inspirational. There was a wide variety of pictures, for example there were natural views such as landscapes or alluring flowers. We learnt a lot whilst we were there and we did a few activities to pass the time such as finding out who created the portrait and much more. Here is a picture from our trip:






Hello, I’m Sid from Churchend news and I am interviewing Daniel and Rahul. What was your favourite dinosaur?



























My favourite dinosaur is the Stegosaurus.



And Daniel what was yours?


I have to agree with Rahul in this because the Stegosaurus was amazing!


What was your favourite painting in the V&A Museum?



I liked a picture of the horizon near a river.



Now we’re going to end this interview.


Year 6 trip to V&A Muesum

November Edition

Christmas at Children's Churchend Chatter

The team at Children's Churchend Chatter have been busy creating Christmas themed activities, cartoons and poems. Take a look below!

A Christmas Poem and Quiz by Mara, Arhana, Tierney and Rymsha

Christmas - By Sammi and Cassie

Christmas Elf by Gabriela

Space Week 2016

We were investigating the weird and wonderful world of space. We had fun and learned at the same time, doing things like producing creative posters that made our understanding better. Also, some classes did incredible art including making interesting space items and finding the secrets behind space.  All of the work we produced will be shown at the Avenue School, along with other schools’ work in January.

Children in Need

 On 18th November, children at Churchend School donated £2 each to a charity, Children in Need, which has a mascot of a bear called Pudsey. To celebrate this event, we did some activities and ate some delicious cupcakes and cookies. Some of the activities we did were treasure hunting and a spotacualar find the difference hunt. We wore spotty clothes to commemorate this event. This event is important to us we think that every child from different ages and countries should get the amount of RESPECT as us.

Rock band assembly

On the 14th of November, we had an assembly about a company called Rock Steady. We learnt about different instruments (electric guitar, electric keyboard, electric drum and microphone). Steve, someone who worked for the company, showed ks1 and ks2 different songs on the different instruments. For example he played Roar on the drums and Shut up and dance with me on the keyboard. We thought the assembly was AMAZING, because he was really funny and he was really good at playing the instruments like a professional. We really want him to come back and show us different instruments and different songs.

Rock Band Assembly

Rememberence Day

On Friday 11th November, Churchend School celebrated Remembrance Day in an assembly which was all about how the British soldiers fought in the wars (WW1 and WW2) and how they gave their lives for us in service of their country.

In the morning, the School went to an assembly hosted by Mr Pearse. Mr Pearse talked about why we celebrate Remembrance Day and what happened while soldiers were in World War 1 and 2.

Both of the year 6 classes went on a trip to memorial in Tilehurst Triangle as soon as we got there, the two minute silence had started. We moved up to a hill where we began our two minutes of silence. In the distance, music was playing. The music sounded like it had a graceful touch with hints of sadness in it. A man below was waving a (what seemed like a heavy) flag.

After our silence, another man at a podium was giving out a speech about the world wars that happened a few years back.

“How many badges does he NEED?!”- Nidhi.

Once the speech was over, we were allowed to pass the poppies we were wearing to a man who would place them on the memorial so we could show our respect to all the soldiers that fought in World War 1 and 2. We could also place a cross with a poppy that we could purchase on the school grounds (only the year 6’s could get them since only they were going on the trip).

“It was quite an experience for me.”- Tierney.


A brief explanation 

Diwali is the Festival of lights and we celebrate it every year around the end of October. We celebrate it for the success of good over evil.

The story of Diwali

Rama was 1 of the 5 Rama’s step mother wanted her son to be king so she exiled Rama for 14 years into a forest. During the exile, Raavana the 10-headed demon kidnaps Rama’s wife and flies away to Sri Lanka. Rama searches with his brother, Lakshmana, and ends fighting with an army of monkeys and wins the war and celebrates this is the celebration of Diwali.


Fireworks are an important part of the tradition because they make light in the sky. Diya’s are bright candle lights put up around the house to light up the house. Sometimes we light sparklers. At Diwali we were special clothes and pray to a god with close relatives. We worship the gods Ganesh Ji, Shree Lakshmi Ji and Shree Vishnu Ji.

If you do celebrate Diwali we wish you a happy Diwali.

Roald Dahl Day

On Roald Dahl day, Churchend celebrated Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday by:

Year 6 RT, Year 2: We worked with Mrs Burridge’s class and made golden tickets, as we were working on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We did some painting works using some wax.

Year 5, Year 1: We worked with Miss Tuach’s and Mrs Smither’s and with Miss Fishwick’s class.  With year 1 we made the BFG which is in our library with the houses and Sophie and a dream catcher. Year 5 separately were doing a booklet about the witches. In the booklet we did a lost person poster from the witches about the 5 children from the book.

Year 4, Reception: They made a chocolate room with paper with the help of reception and did many more exciting things.   

Year 6NA, Year 2: They made a painting and masks inspired by Fantastic Mr Fox. They also watched the movie, Fantastic Mr Fox. They worked in partners and half of them started making masks and the other half started making a painting and then they switched with the other half.

Written by Eshan and Rymsha


Black history month is celebrated in October to remember the apartheid in South Africa and to remember important people in Black History. Year 5, 2 and 1 learnt about Nelson Mandela.        Nelson Mandela was the First Black president of South Africa. He fought for the right of African/Black people. He thought that everyone is equal and have their rights.

Year 5 did an assembly about Black history month and Nelson Mandela. They talked about what happened during his life and why he was a hero in Black people’s lives!

October Edition

Highdown Cross Country

On the 19th September, Churchend took twenty-one athletes to Highdown Cross Country tournament in Caversham. With at least one competitor in all the events, we ran our hearts out and all our children had a top twenty finish. Despite having the least number of contestants, we smashed the competition and are waiting for the overall results. Meanwhile, the Churchend team did superbly well, with Amari coming 1st in the Year 6 boys’ race.


Year 3:  Georgina: 6th

             George: 14th

             Freddie: 11th

Year 4:  Daisy: 7th

           Junior: 12th

        Mohammed: 10th

        Jamari: 22nd        

Year 5:  Tiffany: 8th

               Eli: 13th

              Mickael: 11th

              Zac: 19th

              Sonny :17th

             Vinay: 10th

            Harry B:3th

Year 6: Cassie: 6th


            Gabriela: 14th

            Amari: 1th

           Cadan: 5th

          Jarese: 4th 


Harvest Assembly


How it all began

Firstly, the teachers started talking about the exciting story of Harvest and how it all began. Farmers are the most hardworking people, because they have to plant the seeds and then turn the soil over. They also have to check on the crops every day, and make sure that the weeds don’t grow - and that the crows don’t eat the crops, so they put scarecrows. The Harvest assembly was set in the hall at 1:15, Tuesday 27th September. This was set so the children know what Harvest is. Most people think that Harvest is a time to celebrate and it should be rejoiced together. This wonderful project is mostly for the farmers.

During the Assembly

In the middle of the assembly everyone was chatting about the harvest and what is good about it. There was also stands of food, fruit etc. in decorated boxes. During the assembly, the year ones stood up and showed lovely pictures of the fruit and vegetables of the harvest.

After the assembly

Most people were buzzing about how great and lovely the assembly was for people. After the assembly, everyone got nice piece of bread.

Chimney Court

For the Harvest Festival, Year 1 went to Chimney Court (which is an elderly people’s home) to give in the items the school children collected. All the food which was collected by the children was donated to the elderly people at Chimney Court.  The children received some food as a “thank you” gift. After that, they sang “Twinkle twinkle little star” and went back school. The Year 1 children did this because the elderly people, who live at Chimney Court, struggle to walk. All the children who participated by giving in their food donation, have helped all of the people at Chimney Court. 


Year 4 went to the Eden project for 2 days as last year we won the Rolls Royce Science prize which was a free school trip to the Eden Project.

The Eden project is an eco-friendly, environmental place which is in Cornwall and can make you feel like you like you are in a different biome.

On the journey, they sang an African song and watched three movies. On the way, they stopped at Bristol and had lunch. Then they set off again!

Once they were in Cornwall, they went to the beach which is very close the project’s location. 

“The beach was a great place - I loved it” – Arjun.

The beach was humid and extremeley sunnyand cloudy. Also, it was super windy at times so they flew kites!

At last they reached the domes at the Eden Project. The Eden Project was a humid 30 degrees. They went through the Rainforest biome which had a lot of hills, so they rolled down the them.

Soon, after their visit in the Eden Project, they set off to a youth hostel which they stayed in overnight. In the youth hostel, they had a comfy bed to sleep in overnight.

On the way back, they set of from Cornwall and they decided to watch some movies, as they were getting bored. Then near 6 o’clock they finally reached school where they were picked up by their parents.

Questions answered by Elliot Dance, Harry Crocket and Arjun Varshney.