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Chickens and Eggs

This term in cooking we are learning all about eggs! They are a quick and healthy food, and very versatile. 


In our first cooking session, we cooked eggs in different ways - scrambled, poached, and fried. Trying each one and choosing our preferred way to eat eggs.  We looked at the eggs before, during and after cooking and compared the changes and how different the final product was - even though they are all eggs!  We also compared eggs from a supermarket to eggs from Mrs Clarke's garden hens. The garden eggs were beautiful colours and the yolks were so much more vibrant than the supermarket eggs.  We used these to try soft boiled eggs with dippy soldiers to see if we could tell the difference in taste between the different colours...we couldn't!!! We found out how hard boiled eggs take longer to cook that soft boiled and we used great skills to make these eggs into egg sandwiches - cracking, peeling, mashing, spreading, cutting and finally eating!


Mrs Clarke invited us to find out more about where eggs come from by visiting her garden hens.  We walked from school to Mrs Clarke's garden and met her many hens.  They all looked very different!   The hens have lots of space to run around although they have a coop for night time to keep them safe from foxes. Inside the coop there was a special nesting area where the eggs are laid.  We couldn't believe how different the eggs looked. Mrs Clarke explained that humans have different coloured hair and hens lay different coloured eggs! Se told us, the colour of their eggs matches the colour of their ears!


Before we came back to school there was time for a drink and biscuit, and we could ask Mrs Clarke any final questions about chickens and eggs.  It was great to have first-hand experience of the source of our food. Thank you Mrs Clarke!