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Blast Off to the moon!

What a great trip we had when we packed our rockets for a trip off to the moon!

We have been reading "Whatever Next!" a story about a bear who goes to the moon in a cardboard box rocket. We collected our space helmets, space boots and essential exploring items ready for our journey.

After launching into the atmosphere we avoided looking into the sun without our goggles and saw planet Earth from space! We landed on the moon and got out to explore driving our moon buggy. We also went for a walk with our boots on but there was low gravity on the moon!
We met a friendly alien who came to say "hello!" and taught us some new words. We decided to invite her to our snack and had a lovely picnic on the moon.

Soon it was time to come home and we climbed back into our rockets. We raced a comet home but got stuck in an asteroid shower so had a bumpy ride! This meant there were a few crash landings but we made it safely back to Earth.
Look at our photo journal to find out more...

Our trip to the moon

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