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Black History Month - Year 4/5 follow the progress of Dwayne Fields

First black Briton to reach North Pole urges inner-city youths to get out to the countryside


This month, we will be learning about the achievements and goals of the Dwayne Fields, from Hackney, who is set to become the first black Briton to walk to the South Pole.  His expedition, which starts in November, will find him trekking for 58 days and 1,150km over the most hostile environment on earth.

In 2010, Dwayne became the first black Brit to trek to the magnetic North Pole, covering over 400 miles in 22 days. At the age of 29, Dwayne is breaking the mould of traditional poler explorers, who are typically "middle-aged white guys". At the same time, he hopes his exploits will encourage more inner-city teenagers to explore the British countryside.

Dwayne, who arrived in Briton from Jamaica at the age of 6, speaks at schools about his experiences and challenges children's common dream of becoming rappers, musicians or footballers encouraging them to consider more career choices.

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