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Black History Month

For black history month we have learnt about Trish Cooke.


She was born in England but her family moved to Britain from the tiny island of Dominica in the West Indies. She did not know what Dominica was like but listenend to the stories of her parents and brothers and sisters and imagined the wonderful place they described.


Trish was very good at imagining and pretending. She studied drama and enjoyed making up stories for other people. She did some acting work and we have enjoyed watching her on the CBeebies programme, "Playdays". She also writes stories and wrote some episodes of "The Tweenies" for CBeebies. We enjoyed singing along to the song times from "The Tweenies" and playing some of the games on the website.

We have read some of Trish's books. Our favourites are "So Much" and "Full, Full, Full of Love."

We found out a little about Dominica. It is in the West Indies and is often known as the garden of the West Indies because so many amazing fruits grow there like, carambola (star fruit), passion fruit, limes, papaya and avocado. The national bird is a green and grey parrot called a Sisserou parrot. It only lives on the island of Dominica. We painted some lovely pictures of these parrots.


We tasted some of the tropical fruit. We enjoyed mango, passion fruit, sharan fruit, , papaya and avocado. We had it at snack time and although it was unknown to us everyone tried something new. It was delicious!