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Baby Jordan visits Crocodile class

We had a visit from Theo's baby brother, Jordan. Theo's Mummy brought him in to see us. He is just 4 weeks old so he is a very young baby!


We asked some good questions to find out a little bit more about him. Jordan doesn't have any teeth yet and the only thing he likes to eat is milk. We found out about how he can't talk yet so if he wants something he starts to cry.


Jordan liked the lights in our classroom. He kept looking at all the lights. Jordan's Mummy had brought his bag with him. In it we found a blanket, some wipes, a nappy and some spare clothes. This is because sometimes Jordan needs his nappy changed. Theo told us he doesn't help with that because it's Mummy's job!


Some children wanted to give Jordan a cuddle to say thank you for coming to visit. Jordan enjoyed all the lovely cuddles!