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Avenue collaborative art project

This term we are working with our friends at the Avenue to create some canvas paintings in the style of Georgia O'Keeffe. As we have been learning all about plants, we have started this 3 week project to create 4 beautiful flower pictures on huge canvases.

Week 1, we used bubble paint blowers to create patterns around the edge of the canvases. Two colours were used and mixed together to create a great background for our flowers. Each child from Churchend and Avenue have placed a fingerprint seed in the middle to the flower to mark their contribution to the art project. The children really enjoyed the experience and have made some new friends.

Week 2, we mixed sand and paint, putting it in the middles of our sunflower and printed our fingers for the seeds. Then mixed two colours of paint for the petals and used our hands to fill in each petal into the correct shape.

Week 3, we used pastels to add detail to our beautiful paintings and printed seeds on with our fingers again.