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Ambulance visit

We had a visit from Dawn and Gail today. They have a very special job. They are paramedics and they brought an ambulance to school so we could find out what it is like to be a paramedic and work on the ambulance crew!


We had a chance to dress up in some of the paramedic gear, wearing bright clothing and jackets. We also tried on the helmets and sterile gloves. We used a stretcher and Dawn showed us how to strap someone in and protect their neck from injury.


We also went into the back of the ambulance and lay down on the bed. We checked what the problem was. If the patient was having difficulty breathing they needed some oxygen. Some patients had sprained wrists so they needed a bandage. Everyone had a thorough check up!


We also got to sit in the driver's seat and listen to the radio. We needed to get to the emergency quickly so we put on the siren to let everyone know we were coming! It was very noisy!


Thank you so much to Dawn and Gail for coming to see us. We had lots of fun meeting you!