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All about SPACE!

Our topic this term has been all about space. At the start we had a visiting planetarium and a lady called Sian told us all about different things in space. We had to crawl inside the planetarium and it was quite dark inside!


We found out about all the things in our Solar System, the planets, stars and galaxies. We learnt about comets and meteors (shooting stars) and found out about some constellations in the sky. We designed our own constellations of our initials and made some shooting stars with exploding tails!  We learnt about the Moon and when Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon. We made our own flags in moonrock. We used the computer programme Dazzle to make our own space pictures. We made models of rockets, moon buggies and aliens with our construction kits. We made plasticine stars to help us with our number work.


We read a story, "Whatever Next!" about a bear who travels to the moon. We wrote about what we might take on a trip to the moon. We also had a rocket ship in our role play area and set off on many trips around the universe to explore different planets, collect moon rocks and have close encounters with aliens. Luckily we didn't have too many splash landings!


The photos will tell you more!

Picture 1 Waiting to go into the planetarium
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4 a rocket ship
Picture 5 a one eyed alien
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8 Ready to explore the surface
Picture 9 Putting on space suits
Picture 10
Picture 11 Writing a space log
Picture 12
Picture 13 On a mission
Picture 14 Printing footprints on the moon
Picture 15 Exploring the planet's surface
Picture 16 Houston we have a problem!
Picture 17 Our own flags for the moon
Picture 18 Ready for a space walk!
Picture 19 Ready to launch
Picture 20 Making aliens
Picture 21 All aboard the rocket!