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All about babies!

We have been learning about babies and how they need help to do things that we can do for ourselves.


We have had visits from babies to find out a bit more about how to help and look after them.


TJ's sister Frankie came in to play with her Mummy. She could crawl and was trying to talk to us! She had a drink of milk and showed us her favourite blanket and toys.


Roxanne's sister Layla came in to see us with her Mummy. She is only 4 weeks old! She slept the whole time she was there but Roxanne showed us the baby things she uses in her changing bag. Layla likes "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star" so we sang it to her very quietly.


We have been using what we found out to look after the "babies" in our classroom. We have been washing them and changing their nappies and feeding them. We even rocked them to sleep with some music!


Have a look at our photos....