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Meet the staff at our school!
Picture 1 Mrs Zimmerman - Teaching Assistant Year 3
Picture 2 Mrs Armstrong - Teacher Year 3
Picture 3 Mrs James - Reception class teacher
Picture 4 Mrs Goldsmith - Nursery Teacher
Picture 5 Mr Pearse - Head Teacher
Picture 6 Mrs Fields - Teacher Year 1
Picture 7 Mr Roscoe - Teacher Year 3
Picture 8 Mrs Phillips - Early Years Practitioner reception
Picture 9 Mrs Burridge - Teacher Year 2
Picture 10 Mrs Simpson - Teacher KS2
Picture 11 Miss Blake - cleaner
Picture 12 Miss Braden - Teaching assistant
Picture 13 Mrs McAloon - Teacher Year 2
Picture 14 Mrs Clark - SENCO
Picture 15 Mrs Pickford - Early Years Practitioner nursery
Picture 16 Miss Brinkley - cleaner
Picture 17 Miss Storrey - lunch time carer and cleaner
Picture 18 Mrs Green - Finance Director
Picture 19 Mrs Siddiq - EAL teaching assistant
Picture 20 Mrs Tuach - Teacher
Picture 21 Mrs Smithers - Teacher Year 1
Picture 22 Mrs Lovegrove - Teaching Assistant Year 1
Picture 23 Mrs Roff - Teacher Year 3
Picture 24 Mrs Proctor - Reception class teacher
Picture 25 Mrs Stanley - Teaching Assistant Year 2
Picture 26 Miss Danton - Nursery Teaching Assistant
Picture 27 Mrs Brock - Teacher Year 2
Picture 28 Mrs Baines - Teaching Assistant and ELSA
Picture 29 Mrs Whitby - lunch time carer
Picture 30 Mr Allen - Teacher Year 6
Picture 31 Mrs Morris - Nursery Teacher
Picture 32 Miss Plume - Teacher Year 5
Picture 33 Mrs Thorner - Early Years Practitioner reception
Picture 34 Mr Andryka - school cook
Picture 35 Mrs Barnfather - Teaching Assistant
Picture 36 Miss Croshaw - Early Years Practitioner nursery
Picture 37 Mrs Jayanth - Teaching Assistant
Picture 38 Mrs Savill - Reception class teacher
Picture 39 Mrs Barnes - kitchen assistant
Picture 40 Mrs West - Teaching Assistant and ELSA
Picture 41 Mrs Allen - Deputy Head Teacher
Picture 42 Mrs Smith - Teaching School Administrator
Picture 43 Miss Barnes - Teaching Assistant Year 6
Picture 44 Mrs Stretton - Teaching Assistant Year 5
Picture 45 Mrs Hunt - Lunchtime Carer
Picture 46 Miss Beasley - Early Years Practitioner reception
Picture 47 Mrs Coventry - Finance Assistant
Picture 48 Mrs Weaver - Lunchtime Carer
Picture 49 Mr Ward - Sports Coach
Picture 50 Mrs Collins - Teaching Assistant Year 2
Picture 51 Miss Fishwick - Teacher Year 1
Picture 52 Miss Makepeace - kitchen assistant
Picture 53 Mrs Bexx - Teaching Assistant Year 1
Picture 54 Mrs Smithurst - Lunchtime Carer
Picture 55 Mrs Scott - Teaching Assistant Year 3
Picture 56 Mrs Covington - School Secretary
Picture 57 Mrs Clarke - Teaching assistant year 4
Picture 58 Miss Sumner - Teacher Year 6
Picture 59 Mrs Webb - Teaching Assistant
Picture 60 Mrs Holder - Cleaning Supervisor
Picture 61 Miss Pickford - Teacher Year 4
Picture 62 Mrs Amin - Early Years Practitioner nursery
Picture 63 Mrs Bridgewood - kitchen manager
Picture 64 Mr Morris - Caretaker
Picture 65 Carolyn Baines - After School Club manager
Picture 66 Mrs Smithurst - Breakfast and After School club
Picture 67 Mrs Weaver - Breakfast and After School club
Picture 68 Miss Beasley - Breakfast club

Teaching Staff : Experience/qualifications


Staff member/Role


of Service


Richard Pearse  Headteacher 


Debbie Allen Deputy Headteacher 


Specialist Leader of Education (EYFS) KS1 Leader

Deputy Safeguarding Officer

Helen Clark   SENCO /Pupil Premium Champion / Deputy Safeguarding officer
Amy Brock   Specialist Leader of Education (Maths and Assessment) Year 2 teacher (job share), Assessment lead

Sue Morris


Nursery teacher (job share)/SMSC lead

Helen Goldsmith   Nursery teacher (job share)

Sandie Savill


Year R teacher (job share)/PTFA

Katie Proctor   Year R teacher (job share)/R.E. lead
Elizabeth James   Year R teacher

Emma Fishwick

  Year 1 teacher

Sian Smithers


Year 1 teacher (job share) D.T. lead

Sally Fields


Year 1 teacher (job share)

Becca Tuach   Maternity leave

Donna MacAloon


Year 2, teacher (job share)

Emma Burridge   Year 2 teacher, History lead
Lucy Roff   Year 3 teacher (job share),  Music lead
Viv Armstrong   Year 3 teacher (job share)
Jack Roscoe   Year 3 teacher

Lucy Pickford

  Year 4 teacher
Steph Plume   Year 5 teacher, Art lead

Lucy Sumner

  Year 5/6 teacher, Science Lead

Dr. Nik Allen


Year 5/6 teacher,

Enthuse science project manager



Support Staff

Member of Staff



Office Staff

Mrs Tracey Green

Finance Director


Mrs Debbie Covington

School Secretary


Mrs Kelly Coventry

Finance Assistant


Mrs Jodie Smith

Teaching School administrator and Clerk to the governors

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Pat Bridgewood


  Mr Robert Andryka Cook


Miss Natalie Makepeace

Kitchen Assistant


Mrs Tracey Stone-Barnes

Kitchen Assistant

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Sally Webb

Lunchtime Supervisor


Mrs Tracey Stretton

Deputy Lunchtime Supervisor





Mrs Louise Hunt

Lunchtime Carer


Mrs Kelly Smithurst

Lunchtime Carer


Mrs Carol Whitby

Lunchtime Carer


Mrs Karen Holder

Lunchtime Carer


Mrs Karen Weaver

Lunchtime Carer


Miss M Storrey

Lunchtime Carer

Ancilliary Staff

Mrs Karen Holder

Cleaning Supervisor


Mrs Brinkley



Miss M Storrey



Mr Charlie Morris




Teaching Assistants

Member of Staff


Miss Denise Croshaw


Mrs Maria Pickford


Miss Marie Danton

Mrs Savill/Mrs Proctor Reception

Mrs Shima Amin

Mrs Savill/Mrs Proctor Reception

Mrs Lorner Thorner

Mrs James Reception

Mrs Pat Philips

Mrs James Reception

Miss Lisa Beasley

Mrs Smithers  Year 1

Mrs Kathryn Bexx

Miss Fishwick year 1

Mrs Caroline Baines

KS 1 and 2


Mrs Burridge Year 2

Mrs Tara Collins

MIss Pickford Year 2

Mrs Jeesha Stanley

Mrs Armstrong/Mrs Roff Year 3

Mrs Jodi Scott

Year 3

Mrs Hema Jayanth

Miss Sumner Year 4

Miss Jenna Barnes

Year 5

Mrs Tracey Stretton

Miss Plume Year 5

Mrs Dani Whittaker

Year 6

Mrs Jennie West

Year 6

Mrs Sally Webb


Mrs Liz Clark

All Years EAL Support

Mrs Rukhsana Siddiq