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The Churchend Charter

The Churchend Charter sets out what the school will do for your children; our core offer. It demonstrates the type of curriculum your child will enjoy and the sort of experiences they can expect to have while they are in our care.

                          CHURCHEND CHARTER
     At Churchend we will ensure that all children:
  • Receive high quality teaching that ensures they work hard and achieve well
  • Learn to get on with others harmoniously
  • Discover talents and passions that will remain with them all their lives
  • Learn to enjoy success but also learn how to deal with disappointment
  • Develop a work ethic that ensures they apply high levels of effort and commitment to all areas of school life
  • Have the opportunity to represent the school at sporting or musical events
  • Have the chance to enjoy at least two residential trips
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Have the opportunity to develop leadership skills
  • Volunteer and contribute to help others less fortunate than themselves
  • Experience risk in a controlled environment
  • Learn how to read music and play a musical instrument
  • Swim at least 25metres before they leave the school
  • Complete a Forest School programme in their Reception year
  • Go on to the next phase of education as competent, confident and enthusiastic students