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Red Nose Day Celebrations

Friday 24th March was a very busy day at Churchend School!


We had lots of fun raising money for Comic Relief by dressing up at our silliest,  wearing clothes inside out back to front and upside down! Some people dressed in amazing red outfits to match their red noses and some people even combined the two together!


We had a "Who Nose the Punchline?" treasure hunt where children had to track down the photos of staff wearing red noses and match their punchline to the jokes. We also had a game called "Who Nose what's on Mr Pearse's washing line?" We had to smell the socks on the line and try and work out what they smelled of...some smelt better than others!


We also had a competition to design a new red nose character to join the 10 released for this Red Nose Day. Perhaps one of our designs will be a red nose at next Comic Relief! Who nose?!


We started off the day with a parade around the hall to show off our amazing costumes and some of the staff joined in too!


Thank you to all the parents and families at Churchend for all your donations for the charity. We will let you know the total raised very soon...!