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Combined Studies

Roman Aqueducts

Year 3 learnt all about aqueducts for their Romans topic. They learnt about how they worked, why they were needed and how they were built. They then designed, created and evaluated their own aqueduct to move a marble slowly across a gap.

A day in the life of a Roman child


Year 3 took part in a whole afternoon of activities to help them understand what life would have been like for a Roman boy and girl. They folded washing, set the table, made jewellery and did some sewing. They then used their shields to practise some army formations that they had learnt at Silchester.

Making Roman Shields

Year 3 have worked very hard on creating their own Roman style shields. They designed it having looked at Roman examples and thought carefully about the symbols that they were using.

Black History Month

To mark Black History Month in October, Year 3 learnt about the life of Rosa Parks. We discussed her role in the Civil Rights Movement and how she changed history. The children watched a video, read different articles about her and drew part of a portrait of her.

Roman Mosaics

As part of their Romans topic, Year 3 have been learning about mosaics. They looked at different examples of mosaics, designed their own using collage and used tiles to create their own mosaic coaster. The results are excellent!